The Power Of Visualization, Affirmations And The Right Thinking To Have Breakthroughs and Achieve Your Goals In Life with Samantha Fe

Samantha Fe, is an entrepreneur, professional psychic, spiritual counselor, energy healer. She’s a certified psychic and medium by American Federation OF Certified Psychics and Mediums.

our studio for the interview 🙂


In this episode you will earn about :

  • Who’s Samantha Fe?
  • Why is seeing is believing?
  • Why visualization is very important to turn day-dream into reality?
  • Examples on how visualization has been used.
  • Connecting Mind, Body, And Soul.
  • How icons like Muhammed Ali, believed his hand was raised as a winner before the fight?
  • The power of self-talk and affirmation on your success and self worth?
  • Tips to on how to start your visualization journey and turn them into reality
  • Putting together a visual board and how important that is.


Suggested Ted Talk We Talked About In The Show : “Fake until you become it ” by Amy Cuddy.


Connect with Samantha Fe :

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