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Are You a Leader in the Alternative Health Field?

Do you have valuable wisdom and advice to share with like-minded, health-conscious readers? Are you looking for more exposure and interactions online? As a highly visited website, Organic Fit consists of a community that is engaged and eager to learn more about healthy choices.

If you are an expert who intends to promote a holistic life with an intentional approach to nutrition, health, alternative medicine, and fitness, then you have come to the right place. Here at Organic Fit, in exchange for your contribution of helpful education for our readers we would like to offer our aid in growing your brand. We will assist in broadening your social media presence and developing a larger following by publishing your content.

What We Have to Offer

If you have something to say in the hopes of educating others, we will make sure that it is heard. Along with posting your submitted work, we will give you private access to our ever-expanding Facebook audience. You will have the opportunity to share your most valuable insights and advice throughout an established network of alternative health groups with a substantial readership.

Each article that you contribute will be stamped with your personal bio, credentials and links to your site.

What We Need from You

Original content in the following areas: Health & Wellness, Positive Thinking, Motivational Tips, Holistic medicine, Personal Development.

The tone should be positive, motivational, inspirational, personable and friendly.

Word count should be around 500-800 words.