About Us

At Organic Fit we believe that anybody, regardless of weight, age, health or experience, can make a change for the better, as long as their mind is open to allow the transformation to take place. This transformation is not a one-stop shop. It comes from a holistic lifestyle that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. Each one of these is a pillar that will hold you up to be the best version of yourself. They are each vital and interconnected.

We also believe that wellness practices can be approached in different ways. Different movements. Different nutritional approaches. It’s a whole world of its own. It is a shared journey. To encourage open-mindedness, we have created a community of voices that offer unique and knowledgeable perspectives to guide you through your transformation.

Organic Fit offers the best resources including amazing free content, video classes, and pieces of training to encourage a daily wellness routine.

We are in this together but it starts with you. You are in charge of taking care of your mind, eating nourishing food, cultivating your spirit, and moving your body. By caring for yourself, you can show up to inspire others to do the same. We are here to provide the materials needed to make that happen for you.

Truly take in everything you read, listen to, and watch. There are no “right” ways to have a wellness journey but that’s kind of the best part. You get to do it your way. Explore different tactics and find what you Love. There is this connotation that fitness and health have to be exhausting and terrible. That’s just simply not true. Ultimately, you know best what works for you. We’re here you help you find that and stick to it.