Holistic Home Remedies For Curing and Preventing Cold and Flu From My Homeland Morocco

It’s that time of the year where cold and flu is so common, instead of consuming over counter synthetic drugs, let’s explore alternative medicine space to prevent and cure sickness. I have been these remedies for ages and it works phenomenal, my goal is bring more of these episodes and share these remedies that have been used for thousands of years in other cultures.

In this episode you will learn about : 

  1. The importance of using natural organic foods vs synthetic drugs to cure cold or flu?
  2. Benefits of these home remedies elements :
    1. Garlic
      – Mint & Great Tea
      – Argan Oil
      – Ginger
      – Cumin
      – Lemon

I will share more home remedies for cold in the next few episodes, just stay tuned 🙂

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