Five Recommended Fitness Apps To Stay Fit in 2020

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Five Recommended Fitness Apps To Stay Fit in 2020

Technology has improved our lives in more ways than we can count. A great example of this aiding in maintaining our health and fitness. Here are some awesome fitness apps that will help you reach your goals! 1- Nike + Training Club

Nike + Training Club is a free app that includes more than one hundred workout plans. You can browse through these workouts with ease, as the app separates them into simple categories. The categories are, for example, strength, endurance, and mobility. In addition, the app personalizes workouts based on your past workouts and current goals. Lastly, the app has a social function that allows you to connect with other fitness-minded individuals. Join the community and meet with like minded individuals to accomplish your fitness goals together!

Strava Running and Cycling

Like the Nike app, Strava has a large community and includes its own social network. What sets Strava apart is that it is exclusively tailored to running and cycling. The app tracks and traces the routes that you take when jogging and bicycling. When you complete your activity, the app will present you with an image of the route you took, your time running the route, your average pace, the distance of the route, and your heart rate if you were wearing a smartwatch or other heart rate monitor. This paired with the app’s social media platform makes this app really fun and competitive, especially for a small group of friends. The app also includes unique challenges and a location finder for businesses that sell shoes and apparel. It’s important to note that the app is free, but does include a premium option. The premium option includes training videos, annual and weekly goals, a location beacon so that your friends and family know that you’re safe during your activity, leaderboards, and much more!


MyFitnessPal, by Under Armour, helps you track your diet and physical activity. Upon signing up, the app will ask you about your weight, goal weight, weekly fitness goal, and activity level. Following this, you will be presented with a daily calorie goal. The app will help you reach this goal by providing a diary of what you have eaten throughout any given day. One of the really cool features of this app is that it can scan barcodes to add nutritional values really quickly. The app also presents your progress to you via an easy to read graph. Like Strava, MyFitnessPal includes a premium version. Paying for premium removes all ads, analyses the food you eat, food timestamps, and provides a nutrient dashboard.

Trail Run Project

If you like trail running but have found that finding new trails is difficult, then you should definitely check out Trail Run Project. The app provides a really convenient list of trails in your local area and even gives users the ability to rate each trail. One great feature of the app is that it includes a “best of” section. This will list some of the highest rated trails near you and will include the distances and the locations. After running a trail, you can save your favorites, review them, and look at trail conditions the next time you visit a specific trail.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is the only paid app on this list, but it is definitely worth it at just $2.99. The app can guide you through an entire yoga session with visual and audio instruction that includes every pose and when to inhale and exhale. One of the features of the app is a yoga pose dictionary that walks you through the benefits of each pose. Pocket Yoga will also let you preview a lesson, maintain a yoga log, let you play your own music over lessons, and syncs with the Apple’s Health app.

The App Store contains thousands of other fitness apps, but these are some of the best. If you feel that you have been having a rough time with your fitness, check out one of these apps and don’t give up!