The Mind, Body & Soul Approach To Your Wellness Routine

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The Mind, Body & Soul Approach To Your Wellness Routine

It can be really difficult to find time to spend outside when trying to juggle a busy schedule and personal life. Not to mention, fitness classes held at boutique fitness studios and equipment at top-rated gyms are all the rage right now. However, multiple studies have found that time spent outdoors and doing wellness routine increases happiness and reduces stress significantly. That being said, finding the time to be outdoors is pretty necessary. So how do you do it?

The easiest and, we could say, most efficient way to ensure time spent under the trees or on a beach is to switch up your workout routine to include set days that you work out outside. You’ll still get your quality gym time plus the amazing and necessary bonus of quality outdoors time while you get fit!

Better yet, you’ll find that the inclusion of outdoor exercise actually enhances your overall philosophy on movement, fitness, and life. You’ll see new things and this offers you a chance to truly spend some time with yourself or quality time with some great people by doing group by doing these wellness routines.


The list of benefits goes on and on but here are three major benefits of adjusting your workout to nature this spring season:

1. Relieves stress.

Stress can seem inevitable when it comes to daily life. Even if you don’t realize it, there is most likely some sort of stress that rears its head at some point throughout your day. From the nonstop screen time to extended periods of sitting, our ingrained habits can be contributing to our stress levels. This is where nature steps in to save the day. Have you ever tried to go without looking at a screen for the day?

Removing yourself from technology or unplugging for even just a couple of hours gives your brain the chance to stop being overstimulated by the constant stream of information and communication that we are all so accustomed to. Connecting with nature is a way to build an intentional screen-free time. Whether it’s setting your phone to Do Not Disturb or leaving it behind for the day, these simple steps can help you become more present in life.


2. Prevents overtraining.

As humans, it’s easy to get stuck in our ways. Even with working out our muscle memory takes over and once we find a workout that works we stick to a routine and begin to forget to challenge what we know. However, improvement is all about challenging yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

The structure is great but why not try adjusting that structure to the seasons by focusing on learning different movements and techniques? Wake up every muscle, even the hard to reach ones, in your body by introducing new movement. Variety can help prevent our muscles from getting used to the same movement patterns; it’s about creating new stresses for the body. Aligning these new habits with the changing season is a great way to protect your muscles.


3. Encourages community.

Through introducing outdoor exercise days into your routine it provides the opportunity to spend time with friends, an equally important aspect of rounding out your wellness routine. Breath in some fresh air and catch up with friends. Whether it’s hiking, surfing, biking, or whatever, invite a friend/s and get moving together while you enjoy some quality company.  

The great outdoors is calling. Enjoy it and get your body moving! Each season offers wonderful beauty that tends to just pass us by. It’s time to start appreciating it while being active!