Effective Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

Effective ways to detox

Effective Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

Think of your body as a well-oiled machine. Putting the wrong oils into your machine will result in negative effects. When considering how you are fueling your body, it is important to be conscientious of the toxins that enter it. Toxins are not limited to what you ingest, they can enter your body through cosmetics on your skin, pollution in the air, and much more. How do you fix this problem? Do this through Detox or the art of Detoxification.  


A simple detox program should be added to your daily routine. The difficult aspect of this process revolves around the numerous ways that toxins enter and exit your body. It is important to cover all of your bases using organic methods. After an effective detox, you should feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and cleansed! Here are 10 natural ways to detox your body that you can practice every day!


Diet is a great place to start your first of many detox experiences.


Kick your digestive system into overdrive by replacing a meal with a super smoothie. This ultra cleansing process is a simple way to detox every day. There are dozens of smoothie recipes to try that include whole, organic produce options. Fun fact about smoothies: if you are using the right ingredients, often times smoothies are more filling than your average breakfast due to the fibrous and protein-packed ingredients. This does not include sherbert, sugary yogurt, or ice cream in your smoothie. Detoxifying smoothies involve leafy greens such as kale or spinach. Great ingredients also include almond butter, steel cut oats, banana, pear, blueberries, orange, ginger, parsley, apple, flax seeds, and more.


Sticking to organic, natural foods is an easy way to detox without much effort. This includes avoiding processed and fried foods as well as foods that incorporate additives and preservatives. These are toxic to the body and will leave you feeling sluggish and unhealthy. For example, cutting out carbohydrates, white sugar, and flour will get rid of those pesky additives and preservatives that poison the body.


Drink more water and less of everything else that is bad for you.


Water is the one and only thing we need to drink. Period. There are plenty of drinks that benefit our health, however, you will find that drinking the right amount of water each day increases your energy, mood, and health exponentially. Drinking water is the most effective form of detox because it flushes out our systems and cleans our organs. Try it, drink nothing but water for a week and see how you feel.


Alcohol is a huge no-no when attempting to detoxify. This massively contributes to the toxins circulating through your body. This includes tobacco and caffeine as well. Over time, these will turn into toxins that the body cannot process. From here, dependence and health problems will stack up.


Getting rid of bad habits is just as important as developing good ones. Create your own alternatives to these negative habits. For example, instead of drinking coffee or caffeinated soda to get your caffeine fix, try drinking green tea. There are many different organic options and flavors to choose from. Green tea offers a small dosage of caffeine, which is fine in moderation. Green tea also offers important antioxidants in its most natural form that our body needs.




It seems that this would negate the suggestions above, however, it is proven that ingesting nothing but water and natural fresh squeezed juices for a full day is the fastest way to fully cleanse and detoxify your body. Giving your body the chance to rest and recharge will rejuvenate your organs. Your organs become exhausted trying to process unnatural toxins.


It is easier to perform a simple fast when you have a day at home away from food temptations. It is not recommended to attempt a fast when you have a busy day out of the house. Treat yourself and your body. Relax and rejuvenate.


Physical activity and being conscious of environmental factors.  


Sweat the toxins out. Something as simple as a little physical activity each day allows your body to push out the toxins. As you sweat, your body does the detoxing work (this also shows how detrimental toxins are to your body if it physically pushes them out). Get up and move.


Another option for physical detoxing is getting an intense deep tissue massage. This is anything but luxurious and relaxing due to the fact that it focuses on specific pressure points within the body. These are the areas where toxins tend to build up. Massaging them out releases the toxins and, in turn, releases sickness and unhealthiness. Also, making sure that you get enough sleep is a key factor in detoxing. Your body requires a lot of time to recharge. Give it what it needs. Allow at least 8 hours of sleep a night to complete the necessary amount of REM sleep.


Lastly, in order to detoxify, learn to truly take care of yourself and listen to your body when something is or is not working. There are many other options for detoxifying and it is important to find a method that works for you and to stick with it. Consistency is key. Hold yourself accountable to keep your body healthy and happy. Kick those bad habits and create positive ones. Happy cleansing to all!