5 Ways to Focus on Yourself in Order to Give Back to Others

Ways to Focus

5 Ways to Focus on Yourself in Order to Give Back to Others

There are many people who will do anything for others because they want to make them happy. This often comes unconditionally. It’s great to exercise kindness whenever possible and find ways to focus on making others happy. However, if you feel that you fall into this category when is the last time you thought about taking care of yourself? This situation can also be reversed. There are also those who want to share love and light with others but can’t find the confidence to reach out a helping or be the kind of person that drops everything to do something kind for another. Both situations (and any that relates to them) have one solution: Self-love.


You may have heard this before but that’s because it’s so important. Taking care of yourself first allows you to fully serve others with confidence and the ability to stand up for yourself without being taken advantage of. Both of which are key to truly being there for others and tending to relationships. This is not in any way selfish. It is selfish to only be half present for people as you have an internal battle with yourself because you aren’t tending to what you need for your personal health. Make sure you are your best self and functioning properly before you try to lend yourself to others. To start, follow this guide to focusing on yourself in order to be present for others.


1. Prioritize What Feels Good to You

In order to share the best version of yourself with others, you need to be just that, the best version of yourself. You may be saying, “Yeah right, I’m way too busy for that.” But in order to handle the stress of a busy schedule that probably includes doing things for other people, you have to ask yourself what can I do for myself that feels good? prioritizing your health and well-being starts with finding something that you feel you need and that kick starts your wellness plan. Try starting by substituting one unhealthy habit a day and see how it feels. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Have a date night in instead of going to a restaurant and cook a healthy dinner together. Try setting your alarm a little earlier and doing a quick at-home HIIT workout to start your morning. There are tons of options! Find some that feel good for you.


2. Say No

If you really want to commit to a wellness lifestyle, setting boundaries and saying no to things that cause you to stray from your plan is key for both consistency and your confidence. After finding what feels good, you must learn to stay committed to it. It’s not selfish to do so. It may seem like it might be a little off-putting to turn someone down for something they are offering you or to reject an idea that someone is asking you to agree with, but it is so important for your well being and a step towards loving yourself. This also shows others that you know yourself well enough to know what you want, which in turn will surround you with supportive and like-minded people that will encourage your goals.


3. Focus

Multi-tasking can become a bad habit, especially with the crazy amount of mental stimulation from technology these days. Having what seems like hundreds of tabs open on your desktop, unbelievably long to-do lists on calendars, social media apps open at all times and an influx of text messages/emails/any other messages coming at all times. It’s a lot for our brains to process. Just imagine giving 100% of yourself at work, on your homework, or even as you spend time with loved ones. No multitasking to be seen, right? Instead, focus on being there in that present moment and doing one thing at a time.


4. Check-In With Yourself

Throughout the day check-in to see what you have done that day to serve yourself so that you can serve others. Ask yourself, “did I eat healthy today?” “Is my mind clear enough to finish that task for that person today?” “Have I been giving others my full attention today?” Be your own wellness boss. Be honest with yourself and do what you need to do to fix the problem. Congratulate yourself when you find that you can answer all of your questions with an answer you are proud of. The confidence that comes with that realization can be eye-opening.


5. Stay Creative

Feeling inspired and passionate can lead to being kinder and more present for other people. This often means that you are being open-minded when you feel regularly inspired. Keep your mind working, your creativity flowing, and your heart feeling. Invite the opportunity for happiness into your life. Explore the world of creativity and tend to yourself! This will truly make you fully available to serve and be there for others.