13 Tips That Will Actually Help You Wake Up Early to Work Out

Tips to wake up early

13 Tips That Will Actually Help You Wake Up Early to Work Out

Not everyone is a morning person and even less, for that matter, are a morning workout person. However, choosing to wake up early and work out over leaving it until the end of the day is a great way to start your day. You get your workout out of the way so you don’t have to worry about getting it done later, you feel great, and you will have more energy despite the fact that you are waking up early. It is just a matter of what will get you out of bed and into the gym. This process will be different for everyone, so here is a big ol’ list of options to try in the morning to get you out of bed.

This list comes straight from the source, avid morning workout enthusiasts who practice these tips daily. With that, you can be sure that they work. Pick the tips that work best for you and your lifestyle or try them all!


  1. Pack accordingly and get to bed early the night before.

Check to see what your workout for the morning will be like. Running days are different than lifting days. This gives you the opportunity to pack accordingly for the morning so you have one less step to worry about when you wake up. Also, try to make it a routine to get in bed before 10:30 so that it won’t be such a chore to get out of bed early the next day.


  1. Set two alarms.

The first alarm will let you know that you have 15 more minutes to sleep, which is always nice. The second alarm is your time to get out of bed. This will prep your brain to be aware that you will have to move within the next couple of minutes. This allows your body to wake up a little bit before you jump up and start your day.


  1. Put your alarm on the opposite side of the room.

This ensures that you have to wake up, otherwise, your alarm will continue to blare until you get up to turn it off. This will get you moving and alert so it will be more difficult to get back into bed and sleep more.


  1. Have breakfast ready and waiting.

This calls for a little meal prep the night before. You can set up meals such as smoothie ingredients already in the blender in the freezer. Just blend and go. You can also try making healthy quick and easy recipes that last. Preparing the night before sets you up for the next day and will motivate you more to get up and go.


  1. Prep your clothes and a playlist.

Pick an outfit that you will be excited to wear the next day and that you will be comfortable in. Giving yourself time to think about it the night before will make you feel confident in the morning. Also, prepping a playlist will set you up even further.


  1. Cool off before the warm up.

Try riding your bike to the gym in the morning! Any time of year (especially in the winter) you will be woken up by the fresh air. You can also try walking or running to the gym. Getting outside and being hit by brisk morning air will for sure help to wake you up.


  1. Make it a habit.

Little habits will aid in making waking up and working out a big habit. Ask yourself, “what will I gain by staying awake rather than getting an hour more of sleep?” The answer will always be a lot. Make the habit of going to bed early so answering this question is easier in the morning as well. Motivate yourself and reward yourself.


  1. Eliminate excuses.

Pack your bag the night before with everything that you would be sad to have forgotten at home. This could be an extra set of toiletries specifically for your gym bag, a plastic baggy for sweaty clothes, and a towel. Having that extra deodorant or necessities for a quick shower will eliminate excuses not to go.


  1. Think about how you will feel after.

Picture yourself after your workout and how you will feel as you go about the rest of your day. You will have natural energy, be happy from the endorphins, and one step closer to being even healthier. When you are falling asleep the night before, picture yourself at the gym in the morning thoroughly enjoying your workout and smiling while doing it. This will make you more excited and ready to take it on.


  1. Find a workout buddy in your furry friends.

If you have dogs, then you know they need exercise too! Let this motivate you to get out and run with them so that they get their active time as well. This will also get you up and moving every day.


  1. Respect your workout as part of your routine.

You should hold just as much value in your workouts as you would your work schedule. This is a priority that cannot be forgotten or skipped over. Really try not to let anything get in the way of your important task of working out.


  1. Have a group you can’t let down.

Find a good group. You may not always want to go to the workout but you most likely will always want to see your friends. Go on morning runs with them daily and make them your go to motivations to be active.


  1. Do it no matter what.

Consistency is key. Even if you don’t feel like working out, make it so much of a second nature that you don’t even notice that you may not feel like it. Getting up and going through the motions is all you need to do, then the rest of the day is yours!