7 Habits to Form to Finally Lose the Weight

Weight loss habits

7 Habits to Form to Finally Lose the Weight

When tackling weight loss, it is important to remember to be practical so that goals are realistic to achieve. Set yourself up for success by creating a weight loss plan that works for you as it challenges you at the same time. This is easier said than done. You may have to make drastic changes to your daily routine but think of it as a new outlook on life on the way to a healthier you.  There will be no going back… and we know you’re going to like it.


  1. Strength Train With Cardio

As a jumping off point on your weight loss journey, you should make strength training your number one priority with cardio following close behind on your fitness regimen. Create dynamic workout routines that tend to each muscle so that each one can all gain strength. A good starting point is strength training two to three times a week and cardio training two times a week. As for the rest of the week, get some active rest days in by doing pilates or yoga to keep your body moving and healthy. Go on walks, hike with a friend, ride your bike. Keep your body moving!


2. Challenge Yourself at Every Workout

This may sound daunting, but try to increase the weight you lift as often as possible. Always aim to improve, even if it is just a little bit. This doesn’t mean you should be lifting 10 pounds one day and 100 the next. Don’t hurt yourself! Start out with low weights and gradually increase from there, little by little, each week.  This could also be applied to cardio and your active rest days. You can find little ways to push yourself with every activity you do.


3. Cut out sugar

Diet should be focused on equal to, if not more than, your workout routine. Break the sugar addiction and get addicted to finding healthier choices! Don’t let your cravings control you. The feeling of empowerment you will get from having control of your life will be life will alter the way you see food. Pay attention to nutrition labels and the grams of sugar. Shoot for the foods that only have a few grams, if any at all. Sugar lurks in many unexpected places.


4. Choose Protein and Fat Instead of Carbs

Reframe your meals so that they mostly consist of protein and healthy fats. Try bulletproof coffee in the morning and a few eggs and avocado. Cut out the bowls of cereal or yogurt parfaits. These are packed with sugars. Try a nice colorful salad with shredded chicken for lunch. For snacks, nibble on mixed, unflavored nuts or a spoonful of almond butter. Dinner could consist of fish, steak, or chicken with a side of veggies. This is your chance to build meals that you enjoy while remaining on the right track.


5. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Try it. Cut out all alcoholic beverages for three weeks and see the results. You will have more energy and see a boost in your mood as well. This all-encompassing answer to your weight gain issues will drastically change the way you feel and look. Your workouts will mean more and you will recover faster than you would if you are regularly consuming alcohol.


6. Schedule My Carbs For Before and After Workouts

Carbs are not your enemy. You just have to plan when you eat them for it to count for something in the right ways. Eating brown rice, whole-wheat crackers, fruit, potatoes and beans before your workout will supply you with energy for your grind. Limit your carb consumption to only before and after workouts and skip it during other parts of your day. If you are feeling a slump in the middle of the day, enjoy a simple carb snack such as plain popcorn to boost your energy a bit.


7.Cook Mostly at Home, but Plan For Meals Out

At home meal prep will be a huge help with weight loss. Keep your kitchen stocked with frozen meat, canned tuna, and vegetables. Make big servings of meals so that you can portion it out and store it in the fridge for the week’s meals. Plan out your meals for 6 days out of the week and then have a cheat day. Indulge in a slice of pizza or french fries on this one day of the week. The rest of the days you should strictly stick to your weight loss plan. But hey, you gotta have a day with the simpler things in life like ice cream. Six days healthy and clean eating, one-day indulgences. You got this! Live a balanced healthy life.