Four Plant Based Ingriedients with Amazing Health Benefits That You Didn’t Already Know About

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Four Plant Based Ingriedients with Amazing Health Benefits That You Didn’t Already Know About

Natural ingredients in cosmetics are a hot topic, which is a great thing! If you are savvy with the hydrating effects of a plant based or coconut oil and refuse to buy any products containing parabens than you are on the right track. We have great news for you! There are natural ingredients that will take you from basic natural skin care to next-level in natural cosmetics. 


Yes, you read that right, there are even more natural remedies that you can add to your shelf. With so many options constantly being added the arsenal of plant-based skincare, how will you choose? Especially when your skin’s needs can and will change with the weather. By targeting your skin’s issues and applying to correct natural remedies you will be able to address specific problems.  


Plant-based skincare is one of the purest ways to treat our skin. We can trust nature’s wisdom and ability to help us be healthy through simple, natural ingredients. This is a much better alternative to irritating your skin by processing the life out of nutrients.


The benefits from plant-focused solutions are numerous and various. Not only do they typically smell amazing but they are also rich in polyphenols. This substance has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects. This is just one example of the natural ingredients that our body craves. The reason why these natural ingredients are so exciting to learn about is that with proper education, you can build and customize your skincare routine to exactly what each layer of skin needs. So take a look at this list of powerful natural skin care essentials, just add a few drops to your moisturizer and you’re on your way to beautiful skin!


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is super soothing for the skin. With a vitamin E content, you are, what seems like,  magically regenerating cells.


This all-encompassing ingredient could even help heal blemishes, fade scars, diminish sun spots, and repair dry skin after cold, windy months. Stock up for the dry months ahead!



Looking for silky soft skin? The oil from this berry has got you covered. High in vitamins B and C, blackcurrant helps to lock in moisture while delivering loads of antioxidants. This berry has the highest antioxidant capacity out of any fruit. This means that blackcurrants are an essential tool in fighting anti-aging. Not to mention, simply eating them as a snack can benefit your skin. Upon consumption, this tiny berry promotes circulation. You’ll glow!



In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to avoid pollution-filled air. Unless you live in a remote mountain area, this polluted air will wreak havoc on your skin. Turn to rosemary to counteract some of that damage by acting as a gentle disinfectant. Not only is rosemary equipped with anti-aging and antiseptic properties but its natural astringent benefits also tone, tighten, and firm tissues to help your skin maintain its youthful disposition.


Aside from the fact that it is great for your skin, rosemary can help ease anxiety and heighten mood when ingested. Double whammy!


Pine Bark

This isn’t only beautiful on and off the tree, but its bark packs a punch of health benefits. Pine bark extract is super high in antioxidants and can help increase the absorption of vitamin C. If you were to pair pine with blackcurrant you could create a concoction of incredible power for your skin. This dynamic duo can work together to make your skin its best.


Choose one or mix and match for ultimate results. Just be sure to pay attention to dosages and remember, less is more. Your skin will love you for the new routine and will glow with appreciation!