3 Ways Tech is Making You Healthier

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3 Ways Tech is Making You Healthier

We are officially in an age in which talking to technology is normal. Pretty crazy, right? The launch of assistant tools like Siri, Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google Home has changed the game when it comes to having knowledge readily available. Some believe that with a boost in tech, there will be a decline in health activity and wellness because things are so easily obtained with little effort from the users. However, truth be told, the easy access to everything includes easy access to health and wellness like never before. Technology is actually helping people become healthier, and here is how:


You can now have healthy recipes read to you.

This is a weird mixture of laziness and health promotion, but we are into it. Through tech Alexa or Google Home, you can have recipes read to you. Sure, you could easily type exactly what you want into a search engine and read the recipe yourself, however, the option of having it read to you takes a step out of the equation. This could encourage people to try to eat healthier if the guesswork is taken out. The assistant tools can even shout out measurements so that you can keep your hands full and stay focused.


Assistant tools now act as your personal coach.

Google Home has a new partnership with Fitstar, which can guide you through an entire workout, whenever you ask it to. So, each time you think you need a workout, you can quickly ask your assistant to get one going for you before you have the chance to change your mind. Want it to coach you through a glute workout? Done. Activate a timer while you do a HIIT workout? Easy enough. It also can pull up videos on your phone or TV if you need a visual. So really, there is no excuse not to workout!


It can guide you through meditation

Meditating can be done at any time of day, all you need to do is ask Google Home to pull up a meditation. This encourages maximum relaxation because you don’t even have to move. If you meditate at night more often, turn off the lights and snuggle up in bed and then ask Google Home to pop on a meditation to help you peacefully drift off to sleep. The same goes for any time of day. Maybe now you will be able to make meditation a habit as you have always wanted!

These are some examples of the many wellness uses of assistant tools. The world has heavy access to information about health and wellness and tech is increasingly making it easier to instill these necessities of life as habits. How will you make it work for you?