Tired, Depressed or Constantly Fatigued? Things You Need To Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue tips

Tired, Depressed or Constantly Fatigued? Things You Need To Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Are you like a lot of people who feels tired for no reasons, feeling overwhelmed, have difficulties getting up in the morning, and crave sweets and salty foods.snacks? Well, you are not alone on this, these are symptoms of over-taxing our adrenal gland which is called adrenal fatigue.


Adrenal glands sit next to our kidneys and produce adrenaline (epinephrine) when you are “fight-or-flight” mode. It produces hormones including the “stress” hormone called cortisol, dopamine (happiness hormones), estrogen…etc.  Adrenal fatigue is the result of it not working properly and efficiently as it supposed to. Addison’s disease is the medical condition associated with function shut down of adrenal glands completely, which from what I have been reading is a very rare medical condition.


Our stressed lifestyles and hyper-connected society is definitely part of the adrenal burnout. Below are some of the causes I have compiled for you to raise awareness :

hOveruse of Caffeine:

Caffeine is good for you but when we start abusing it, we are definitely hurting our adrenals, in a society where we are over-caffeinated with energy drinks and unlimited shots of espressos.  According to Mayo Clinic, we should limit our caffeine intake between 200-300mg per day.


Excessive Sugar Consumption:

This includes consuming carbohydrates, When we over consume carbs and sugar, we spike our blood sugar level, which an emergency for our body, so our adrenal has to release a lot of adrenaline since it’s an emergency, that’s what the whole “sugar rush” came from.


Lack of Sleep can trigger :

That’s another obvious one.  Our body repair itself at night, the liver and adrenals work to clean up our body from toxins at night, staying awake or having a very unstable sleep schedule will totally contribute to adrenal fatigue.


Nutritional deficiencies:

Unfortunately we live in society that’s over fed and under nurtured, most of us don’t get enough nutrients from our diet, eat poor quality foods, have digestive issues which completely further contribute to adrenal fatigue. Try to eat organic nutrient dense foods, if that’s a challenge, try at least supplementing with it (Zinc, Magnesium, C and B Vitamins…etc).


Psychological Stressors:

If you are the type of person who worries a lot and is always thinking, your adrenals are probably burned out.


Drugs & Alcohol :

Very self explanatory,  alcohol and drugs which includes diet pills and stimulant over-tax your adrenals. Alcohol is poison for the adrenals. If you suffer from the symptoms, you should not consume alcohol at all or drugs for that matter. Temporarily, alcohol compensates for the symptoms but after the effects it leads to further adrenal fatigue.


The list of things can go on and on, but I wanted to point out the very obvious basic elements that contributes to the adrenal fatigue. If you look closely to all them, and fix them you are going to not only help you adrenals but overall get into the path of a healthy lifestyle since.