The Ever Evasive Sleep: How to Fall Asleep Faster and Deeper

Fall fast asleep

The Ever Evasive Sleep: How to Fall Asleep Faster and Deeper

The effects of sleep deprivation are apparent and detrimental to just about every aspect of life. Although it is common to struggle with falling asleep, accepting it doesn’t have to be the final word. Contrary to popular belief, controlling these aspects of sleep is an attainable feat. The difficult part is consistency.


Holding yourself accountable for allotting the proper amount of time for a good night’s sleep is a personal hindrance to conquer. You’re not powerless in this attempt. Apply these tactics to aid in a rested and adequately timed sleep and eventually find yourself with more energy, more focus, and better health.


Pre-bedtime meditation and visual overriding.


The act of clearing your mind and allowing total relaxation may seem like a tall order. What makes falling asleep and staying asleep harder than a racing mind and negative thoughts? Meditation gives you time to process the noise in your head, acknowledge it, and let it go. This will help you effortlessly fall asleep and leave worries for later. Also, Tim Ferris, the author of Tools of Titans, came up with the idea of “visual overriding”. This act involves crowding out distracting thoughts in order to calm your mind before bed.


Ways to do this include reading a book, and playing a short game such as Tetris with a low UV filter on your phone. This distracts your mind from the thoughts crowding your head. Although it has been said sitting on your phone before bed causes worsened sleep, applying a low UV filter and playing a simple game for a short amount of time will lull your mind. After the game is done however, putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode is another great way to keep thoughts at bay. The distracting message buzzing from your phone triggers alarms in your brain that alert curiosity and wakes you up. Leave the chatter for the next day.  


Drinking natural sleep aid tea.


Tea is a natural (with the option of being organic) way to fall asleep. Teas that include chamomile, lavender, peppermint, valerian root, and more, are the tools that nature provides to calm your mind. Similarly, taking a low dosage of magnesium or melatonin pills before bed is another natural way to aid a luxurious sleep. California poppy seed extract is also recommended as a natural sleep aid. The chemicals in this extract aid comfort and sleepiness.


A sleep mask and ear plugs.


This may seem obvious, but blocking out all outside stimuli is a great way to continuously get uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping without the risk of being woken up by light or sound will help complete full REM cycles, causing you to wake up feeling fresher than ever. If sleeping with masks on your face isn’t your thing, another option is to completely block out any light in your bedroom. Even the tiniest flashing light on your computer should be covered. This allows for the best sleep because your mind isn’t engaged by any stimulus even while you’re sleeping.


Sleep is essential. Give your body and mind time to recharge, decompress, and rest.