Making the Switch to a Holistic Wellness Lifestyle with Balance

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Making the Switch to a Holistic Wellness Lifestyle with Balance

We put a big emphasis on the importance of healthy eating here. It truly has the ability to change your life and the way you feel about life. We stick to that. However, we are not only here to emphasize the importance of food. There are so many other healthy lifestyle choices that go into making you feel holistically amazing every day. Food is one core aspect of this. There are so many other things that are both necessary and fun that allow you to function like your best self. By taking on a holistic wellness plan, you experience life to the fullest while feeling like you are up for anything.


Unfortunately, there are weird stigmas associated with many of these amazing things that are included in building a holistic lifestyle. For example, meditation has had a negative rep in the past because, we are sure we aren’t the first to say this, people are fearful of doing something that seems abnormal. Especially when it involves tuning into themselves. If we start to change the story we have around nourishment, we can begin to understand that putting ourselves through maximum stress does not equal success. Taking care of ourselves is what should strive for before we can offer ourselves to anything else. Our overall well being includes movement, nutrition, spiritual tending, mental breaks, uplifting socializing and more. This, all mixed together, creates a lifetime of happiness and contentment.


It’s All In The Balance

The amazing thing about choosing to live a life dedicated to holistic wellness is that balancing each of the aspects that feed the lifestyle comes easily once they are all put into place. Essentially, you will find that balance is a key piece to the puzzle that comes with the package of wellness. Each piece to the puzzle creates the full picture that is your life. They balance your wellbeing and will help you discover more joy and really feel your best. By incorporating each of these pillars into a holistic wellness plan, you will


Your tribe:

It is so important to nurture this part of your life. When we become extremely focused on a new lifestyle or on a path to health, it can be difficult to lend time to the people that have the ability to lift you up the highest. Make time to spend with those you care about the most. That being said, you can never fully be there for someone you love without taking care of your health and wellness first. That’s where the importance of balance comes in. Take time for yourself and give your body what it needs to be healthy and make time for your loved ones each week. They will thank you for it and you will thank yourself later.



Stress is your brain’s response to any demand for a change or interruption in your lifestyle. This could be physical like a wound, exercising too much, or healing from surgery. It could also be an emotional demand from changes in your lifestyle, relationships, finances, etc. Anything that affects your physical, mental or emotional energy can cause stress. The thing about stress is that it’s not the thing that is actually negatively affecting us. It’s how we handle it that is the important part. This is where things such as exercise, meditation or yoga come into play. As mentioned above, stress is a form of energy that needs to be released. Deep breathing and clearing our minds allows us to think in the present moment, releasing stress. Sweating and moving our bodies releases built-up energy and stress. Or, you can combine the two through moving meditation such as yoga which connects breath to movement allowing us to tune into ourselves and release stress.



Movement is medicine. It benefits so many aspects of our lives it’s crazy. Moving your body will help you avoid health problems, enjoy endorphins, sleep better, live longer, and look great as you watch yourself evolve. It’s the ultimate way to use your body to its fullest. As you explore movements, you will find that you surprise yourself with new things your body can do including how far you can push it. It’s an incredibly empowering practice to work past the little voice in your head.



There are hundreds of way to feel nourished. First and foremost, it is important to make the transition to all of the nutrient-dense food nature has to offer. This is the foundation that we can then build off of with, for example, a wine night out with your girls. Truthfully, things such as a wine night or ice cream night with your friends is just as nourishing as the food you eat. However, the key is to keep up with your transition while you do this. Find natural, organic ice creams to indulge in that aren’t packed with preservatives and have natural sugar. The same can be said for wine. It’s all about having those fun nights with your friends while remaining mindful of your wellbeing. Your friends might be encouraged to join you on your wellness journey too!



The love that you share with any important person in your life is essential in helping you feel amazing. Love in centering and guiding. It will build you up when feeling down. It also comes in many different forms. What your love looks like, embrace it fully. This could also extend to your community. Giving back is another aspect that fuels our holistic lifestyle. Sharing your time, energy, or resources with those in your local or even global community is so important for staying grounded and sharing the love you have.



Sleep is vital to our human functioning, but especially when sleep becomes an issue it feels like a sticky cycle you can’t get out of right? You don’t sleep well one night then the next day you’re not focused, not being as productive, not present, etc., which may cause you to eat unhealthier foods, become stressed easily, throw off digestion, and a host of hormonal dominos.



This is truly the only way to experience the world. Sure, technology has graduated to virtual reality so can basically go anywhere we want in the world without moving but this will never, ever give you the same feeling that actually traveling will give you. Ever. The people you meet and the experiences you have are your own. Never to be repeated the same way twice. Traveling gives you the opportunity to learn so many new things about the world and about yourself. It can be as simple as exploring the city or town you live in. Exploring leads to inspiration and joy.



There have been an increasing amount of studies showing that being nature significantly reduces stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Plus, the earth is a beautiful place with so much dynamic life to witness. Go see it for yourself!