HIIT Workout to Boost Your Metabolism

HIIT workouts

HIIT Workout to Boost Your Metabolism

This HIIT workout provides a quick metabolic burst. How does this workout affect your metabolism, you might ask? When we exercise, our muscles require more oxygen. In order to fulfill this need, we increase our breathing, i.e. feeling extremely out of breath during a hard workout. We are able to estimate that for every liter of oxygen exchanged, our bodies burn through roughly 5 calories this is your metabolism. There are 3 energy metabolism systems that our bodies use depending on intensity and duration:


    1. Phosphocreatine: for immediate, full-force exertion i.e. HIIT workouts
    2. Glycolysis: for relatively high intensity, but sustainable for a minute or two i.e. lifting weights.
    3. Beta-oxidation: for lower to a moderate strain that is sustainable for long periods of time i.e. running on a treadmill.


Cardio is shown to burn a higher level of calories than weight lifting, even though you may feel that same amount of fatigue after each. Even better yet, HIIT is shown to burn even more calories than, for example, running on a treadmill, and it’s in a shorter amount of time. Pretty awesome, right? It’s no wonder HIIT exercise is such a trend.


For HIIT, the goal is to put in your very best effort at maximum intensity for a short amount of time and then follow it with enough rest to be able to complete the next interval at a comparable effort. This gives you a burst of energy for your day and, as explained above, boosts your metabolism up a full notch. Although it may feel hard, if you follow a workout protocol such as this one below, you will discover the incredible benefits of HIIT training and become hooked!



  • A timer
  • Your body!


You will be following a timer that is set for 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Perform these exercises in order and cycle through entire circuit 3-5 times, depending on your fitness level. Make this workout more challenging as you progress by shortening your rest time to 20 seconds or increasing your work time. If your form starts to waver, you are DONE! (Don’t hurt yourself)


1. Battle Bounds

Layout: Bound Forward/Burpee/High Knees back

  • Bound, or jump forward one big leap.
  • Thrust back into a plank for one push up, jump feet back in towards hands and stand.
  • Drive knees up high as you travel backwards to the starting position.


2. Skater Burpee

  • Jump to your right, sideways, landing on only your right foot.
  • Keeping the left foot off the ground, jump back into a three-point plank position.
  • Then jump back in towards your chest with the same right leg.
  • Repeat the move, but jumping to the left this time.


3. Half Squat Get Up

  • Start on both knees.
  • Lift the right leg forward in a lunge position and then bring your left foot up next to your right. Stay low.
  • Try not to stand all the way up. Instead, stay in as low of a squat position as you can.
  • Continue, repeating and alternating left and right as you go.


4. Suspended Bird Dog

  • Start in an all four “bear crawl” position.
  • Knees are just slightly off the ground.
  • As you reach forward with the right arm, extend the left leg out behind you.
  • Repeat on the other side.


5. Three-Point Jump Squat

  • Perform a jump squat landing in a lunge position and immediately jumping back up to reverse the legs in the air and land with the other leg forward.
  • Immediately perform another lunge jump landing in center squat position.


6. Glute Bridge and Pike

  • Lie back and place your right heel on the ground and extend the right leg up in the air.
  • Perform a single-sided glute bridge with the right leg and each time you lower the hip back down to the ground, lift your shoulders off the ground and reach up to your left toe.


Feel the burn! Now complete this with 30 second rests in between and complete entire list 3-5 times. You got this, boost that metabolism!