Proven Health Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall Season

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Proven Health Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall Season

It’s the beginning of October and that means the fall season is here. Fall means cooler weather and falling leaves. It also means allergies, sinus activity and a general readjustment to lower temperatures after months of heat and warmth. That sinus activity is the mucus membranes producing more mucus after the sinuses have dried out. Microorganisms fling to that new mucus like a bird to seed. Bacteria and viruses love it like kids love a playground. Here are a few health tips to avoid illness and stay healthy during the fall.


Tip#1 Hydrate, Hydrate

Cooler weather isn’t a signal to drink less water. Cold dry weather is a totem of dehydration the same way hot dry weather is. Proper hydration keeps internal moisture levels consistent. The mucus membranes require water for their roles as filters.

Tip# 2 More Than “An Apple A Day”

The french were not joking when they said ” One apple a day keeps the doctor away ” . Apples are tremendously beneficial to human health. The bulk helps sweep the digestive tract and keep things moving as they should. People who eat apples regularly have lower chances of developing cancer, diabetes and coronary disease. Apples are rich in pectin, Boron, Quercetin, Vitamin C, Phytonutrients all these are very beneficial to our immune system, bone density, reduction of heart disease and such.

Tip# 3 Exercise and Stay Consistent

This is my favorite season to run outside, it’s not too hot or too cold for running. The body needs to move, The damage a sedentary lifestyle creates is akin to a smoking time bomb. The problems it creates arrive later, and dealing with them will prove a greater burden. Even a low-impact exercise like walking has many benefits, if you can’t run, walking is great for you, go out with your kids, significant other, pet…etc, just do something outside if it’s possible. If it’s cold or you can’t run, try to exercise regularly, 3-4 times a week will have a tremendous benefits on your health, mood and energy.


Tip# 4 Natural Immune Strengthening

If you’re older, overweight or are prone to colds and airborne sicknesses, focus on bolstering your immune system. Superfoods like kale and avocados have a mineral and Omega fatty acid content higher than other foods in their class. A detox — a 24-hour fast or a sea salt cleanse — will flush impurities out of the body. Tune up with tocopherol-rich green, black and oolong teas and cut back on diuretics like coffee and alcohol. Also a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning with lemon, will help your alkalinity and keep your body balanced and immune against sickness.


Tip# 5 The Whole Foods Diet

This isn’t a fad. It pertains to eating natural, unprocessed foods in lieu of the less healthful variety. That could mean eating a whole roasted skinless chicken instead of a box of chicken nuggets. Cereal could mean puffed wheat squares with slices of fresh strawberries instead of toaster pastries. A whole foods diet isn’t a diet so much as another step on the path to overall wellness.


Tip# 6 Practice Calmness

Stressors are everywhere but it’s best to not indulge them whenever possible. Stress can lead to comfort eating, i.e. eating whatever is within arm’s reach regardless of what it is. Cortisol production, weight gain, diabetes and other health concerns can arise. It’s best to maintain a calm threshold whenever possible. A lot of studies have shown meditation helps with calmness and reduction of stress, improves the immune system and energy,  improves breathing and heart rates. Meditation was found to be as effective to treat anxiety and depression as antidepressant drug.


Enjoy and share these health tips for fall season with your friends and love ones that you care about.