The Expected Health Food Trends in 2018

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The Expected Health Food Trends in 2018

Whole foods have taken the liberty to create and release a projected food trends for 2018 list and we quickly hopped on it.  Their information is based on data from their experts and buyers in the food industry. From avocado a few years back to turmeric and coconut oil last year, it obvious that food can trend and we are thankful that it’s taken a healthy route. So what should you stock up on this year?


  1. Superpowders

These powders have already begun to find their way into recipes that you would not expect due to their high level of health benefits, but we expect this to increase this year. We’re talking about the food trends matcha, turmeric, maca, and every other adaptogenic powder you can’t spell but is really, really good for you.


  1. Make Room for Mushrooms

It’s safe to say that not everyone likes the texture or taste of mushrooms. Don’t worry though, they don’t look or taste like mushrooms when they’re ground up into a powder. Not to mention, when they are ground up into said powder, you can add them to pretty much anything: Try drinking them, sprinkling them in your morning coffee, or adding them to broths to get that earthy umami flavor. Seriously, try it.


  1. Floral for the Win

We’ve seen edible flowers popping up on cakes and in salads but you’re about to taste flowers in a whole new way. Prepare yourself for elderflower seltzers and rose-flavored everything. We aren’t mad about it one bit.


  1. Ingredient Transparency

This should never have had to become “new” because it should have always been the case, but, c’est la vie! The good news is, simply buying your food at Whole Foods isn’t enough anymore. 2018 will be the year of transparency and knowing everything about where your food came from, what’s in it, what it’s life was like, and more.


  1. Middle Eastern Flavors

Hummus and falafel are already loved by many around the world, but what about other Middle Eastern flavors? Whole Foods predicts Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian, and Lebanese influences are about to be loved by the masses. This includes spices such as harissa, cardamon, and za’atar, and ingredients such as tahini, tomato jam, and halloumi.


  1. Puffed and Popped Snacks

There are new ways to process ingredients into foods that taste as close to potato chips as possible while remaining lower in sodium and fat. Halleluyah, chips are making the cut as food trends somehow. We know, we know, nothing beats classic potato chips, but most definitely try jicama crisps, popped cassava chips, and puffed rice clusters are a lot easier on your body.


  1. Plant Based Tech

It’s 2018 and that means we have reached a point in food technology that can make any plant-based food taste like meat. That’s right, “bleeding” veggie burgers and sushi with tuna that is not tuna, but, in fact, made from tomatoes. You can also get excited about a wider variety of nut milk and dairy-free desserts (stoked for that).


  1. Taco Takeover

Tacos have always been wildly popular and they are getting even better in 2018. Every night could become taco night with all of these new ways to make and enjoy tacos. You might find yourself eating them for breakfast or with a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla. There is even going to be a wider variety of grain-free tortillas that are going to rock our world.


  1. Less Food Waste

Food waste will be on the decline with this one. In 2018 you can expect to see using the entire fruit or vegetable, including the stems and leaves, on the rise due in part to funky new recipes. Prepare to try things such as pickled watermelon rinds and broccoli-stem slaw. Sounds different, to say the least, but we can get behind it! Less food waste is always a good idea.


  1. Bubbly Beverages

Sparkling soda, water, and all beverages, for that matter, will continue to be trending. What’s going to be new? You might ask. Well, get ready for sparkling cold brew. Yep, it’s gonna be a wild year.