Commercial Cannabis: How the Newly Legal Substance Boosts Your Health

Benefits of Cannabis

Commercial Cannabis: How the Newly Legal Substance Boosts Your Health

This is not a post about getting high, sorry! With the legalization of cannabis passing in over 10 states comes a new natural substance that your health can benefit from. Retail brands are moving into the weed dealing industry, and it’s totally legal! This is due to the buzz about the natural healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD oil for short). This natural oil will not make you high. Unless of course, you get high off of the fact that you are helping your body, which, let’s be honest, should get you hyped up.


Using non-psychoactive extracts from marijuana plants, brands are creating pot-infused foods, beauty products, and other consumer goods. So, what is beneficial about CBD oil? Continuing research has shown that CBD oil can reduce anxiety and stress, lower inflammation, and relax the body and mind, among other things, all while subtly lifting your mood.


Companies are incorporating CBD in anti-inflammatory creams, and drink powder and sprays,  just to name a few. Reaching across a wide range of industries, CBD is expected to become a part of people’s wellness routines due to these health benefits:


Cannabis for Digestive aid


CBD stimulates appetite. This effect could prove highly beneficial for those suffering from illnesses that cause their bodies to become almost incapable of feeling hungry. Furthermore, CBD eases nausea and vomiting. This natural digestive regulator has the potential to provide comfort and normalcy concerning digestive needs.


Pain relief


CBD is scientifically proven to bind to CB1 receptors in the body, causing pain relief. This includes anti-inflammatory properties to relieve swelling.


Anxiety Relief


It’s about time for a natural anxiety relief. Removing CBD from mixing with THC, the psychoactive property of cannabis (AKA the factor that gets you high), puts CBD in its pure state. Studies have shown that the pure state of CBD can significantly reduce anxiety. This natural form of relief quickly relieves anxiety without the possibility of side effects from over-the-counter prescription drugs.


Stops Cancer Spread


According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD oil may have effect against the spread of specific tumors. After implementing many studies, the institution has found results of potential tumor cell death, thanks to CBD. The California Pacific Medical Center found in a study that CBD potentially “turns off” the gene that encourages the spread of breast cancer.


This substance is somewhat taboo to discuss, but it’s time to incorporate it into your health conversations. In this era of surfacing revolutionary topics, such as the legalization of cannabis, it’s time to be aware of every and any method of natural health benefit. It’s important to do your research before diving into the world of cannabis products. Understand which properties of the plant do what and know about the retail brand before you buy. That being said, try something new! This natural health kick could be your new best friend.