Boost Your Immune System With This Shot, Not a Tequila Shot

Tips to boost immune system

Boost Your Immune System With This Shot, Not a Tequila Shot

We like to take shots, every morning too. It’s not what you are thinking. These are healthy shots that will boost your immune system in this season since the weather is changing, people around you are getting sick, and I am sure you don’t want to be sick as well.


So one of the best ways to help boost your immune system is taking ginger, turmeric and garlic shots. Yes, it sounds tasty does it? it’s not that bad at all, you can always use chasers 🙂 but with all seriousness, these shots are amazing for you.


  • Turmeric is a very powerful Anti-inflammatory without the side effects of the pharmaceutical counter part. It helps the body dealing with arthritis, it has a anti-cancer properties, stimulates the blood circulation, and has a warming effects….these just to name a few of the great benefits of turmeric.


  • Ginger is a flowering plant that originated from China, it has amazing benefits to name a few here, proven effectiveness against nausea, helps reduce soreness and muscle pain, also it has an anti-inflammatory effect as well, proven to reduce the blood sugar and lowers blood pressure.


  •  Garlic is a plant in the Allium (onion) family. Growing up in the Mediterranean, garlic was our go to for a lot of sickness. It helps boost the function of the immune system, reduce the blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels which lowers the risk of heart disease. It also considered as an Anti-Oxidant which helps Alzheimer’s and dementia disease.


I did not dig deep in studies to be convinced that ginger, turmeric and garlic  shots are extremely beneficial. Try it and let me know what you think, would love to hear your feedback.