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5 Ways to De-Stress In 10 Minutes

When you’re stressed, many people will give you advice. The thing about taking that advice, is that it can take hours out of your day. How can you relax when you have to plan out these long blocks of time? This article will give you some fun tips to help you relax.

1. Practice Deep Breathing

We all know that breathing deeply can help you relax because it can make your body feel like it does after you are already relaxed. Here are a couple of deep breathing exercises:

Box Breathing

◦ This exercise is pretty easy because you do every action and count to 4 (like the 4 sides of a box).

▪ You inhale for 4 seconds

▪ Hold your breath for 4 seconds

▪ Exhale slowly for 4 seconds

▪ Count to 4

▪ Repeat as needed

Focused Breathing

◦ This breathing exercise can help you refocus when you get scattered.

▪ Start by putting a hand on your stomach

▪ Take a slow breath and feel your stomach expand.

▪ Slowly exhale, and feel your stomach lower

▪ Repeat the process

2. Have A Snack

Sometimes stress-related eating isn’t a bad thing. There is a connection between our brain and stomach. Feeling full and feeling happy have a connection. But not every snack is a good one. Choose something that will help you feel full. Nuts, hard-boiled eggs, or even some avocado will hit the spot.

As important as it is to choose healthy foods to snack on, it’s very important to choose the right place to have your snack. Leave your computer and go somewhere that helps to calm you. Try to really appreciate your place and the details of your food. Think about the way it tastes, the texture, and how it makes you feel in general.

3. Get (and Take Care of) A Plant

Plans have superpowers. They help to clean the air, lower our blood presser, all while helping you relax. Choosing a plant or tow for your home can help to brighten up your space which also can help you to relax.

4. Play Music

Music is great for relation. It can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. In many people, it can help to dramatically decrease the stress hormones in your body while increasing the hormones in our bodies that help us to feel good.

5. Talk to Your Favorite Personal

Take a little time to talk to your favorite person whether it be your best friend, spouse, or family member. Talking to the people in your life can greatly reduce your stress. And who knows maybe they can help with whatever has you stressing.

5. Exercises

A 10-minute walk around the block can do great things for your stress levels getting fresh air and sun boosts good feelings and can help you to gain perspective, especially for tough topics. Any exercise that gets your heart pumping releases endorphins that can put you in a relaxed state for hours after you’re done exercising.