5 Basic Fermented Food Recipes for Better Gut Health

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5 Basic Fermented Food Recipes for Better Gut Health

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes it’s simply easiest to go with standard steamed or roasted veggies, some sort of protein and so on for each meal. However, if you feel like you are losing motivation and gut health problems due to a lack of creativity with your meals, don’t give up just yet on your healthy eating journey. 


Fermentation is the answer! We hope that didn’t scare you away because we promise it’s not as intense as it sounds. It’s actually quite delicious and you will have half of your meal ready to go in the fridge after a long day of work or classes or business in general. You won’t be sorry you jumped on the trend.


Robyn Youkilis, and her newest cookbook, Thin From Within, are your go-to guides for all things gut-health related. Robyn approaches nutrition in a holistic way and encourages her readers to do the same. She shows us how to promote digestion with all the right ingredients. Check out these gut-healthy recipes that show just how easy it is to introduce fermented foods to your diet. Follow the links to get started on your fermentation!


1. DIY Kombucha

No one is ever stoked about spending $6 on one small bottle of kombucha but it’s just so darn delicious and good for your gut that it’s unavoidable, right? Wrong, make it yourself! This DIY kombucha recipe will save you money and is just fun to do in general. Yes, you can you make your own kombucha, and yes, it’s actually pretty simple for something that sounds so complicated. Plus, as you create more and more you are also creating more and more “mothers” to be able to make more at once.


2. Homemade Sauerkraut

We bet you didn’t picture a green leafy salad or colorful stir-fry when you thought of sauerkraut. With a crisp and fresh taste made using only cabbage, salt, and water, you’ll most likely end up surprising yourself with how often you use it. This is an extra opportunity to get creative due to the fact that you can incorporate so many different ingredients. Adding apples, beets, berries, or spices will make this fermented sauerkraut recipe even more delicious and customized to your taste.


3. Fermented Radishes

These radishes taste even better than they look (if you can believe it). Raw radishes, while loaded with fiber, can be bitter and tasteless, but with a seasoning of dill and pepper, an ingredient you once pushed to the outskirts of your plate will be first on your fork.


4. Whole Brined Veggies

Looking for a new way to transform your veggies? Try soaking them in Robyn’s herb, lemon, and ginger seasoning that will turn them into a refreshing sweet treat. For best practices ferment try fermenting for 6 days, then dive in!


5. Kimchi Cauliflower Breakfast Bowl

Now that you have a variety of fermented veggie options, try creating this savory breakfast bowl. Start with cauliflower rice as your base, then simply sauté, add your veggies, fry your egg, and garnish with all of your fermented favorites. Pair this with your homemade kombucha and you will find yourself with one happy gut.