16 Ways to Run Faster

Run faster

16 Ways to Run Faster

Running doesn’t always feel easy. Sure, there are some people who make it look easy but, even for them, it’s not. They have to work for it! By taking the time to work on form and strength among other things, you will find that, over time, running becomes easier and you will become faster. There are tons of steps to take to become faster and maybe even set a new PR. Not to mention you’ll feel great for the endorphins.


1. Good form.

A proper running technique will carry you faster and farther. This will also help you avoid injury. By being mindful of each step you take you will find a stronger running style. That means keeping your upper body tall yet relaxed, striking the ground with your mid-foot landing under your hip, and swinging your arms forward and back (not side to side!) at low 90-degree angles.


2. Try interval training.

Alternate periods of high and low intensity while exercising to build speed and endurance. This is also a great way to burn major calories in less time too.


3. Sprinting.

Sprinting is what will build your muscles to be strong enough to run faster. Strides are a series of comfortable sprints (usually eight to 12, between 50 and 200 meters each) to improve acceleration technique.


4. Utilize the treadmill.

The treadmill is great for interval training because you have the ability to adjust the speed and incline as you want. The treadmill is not beneficial if you only run on it at one pace continually.


5. Stretch daily.

Stretching daily increases flexibility better easier, more comfortable and more beneficial strides.


6. Trade up for lighter shoes.

Lighter running shoes allow for a more realistic natural movement of your foot and improve your stride.


7. Work out your core.

Your core is not limited to your abdominals. Think of it as a tree trunk. All of the muscles that hold up your center make a difference. When they are stronger the core allows runners to tap into more force out on the road.


8. Utilize your breath.

This takes practice. Use both your nose and mouth while inhaling and exhaling to get the maximum amount of oxygen to the muscles.


9. Run hills.

Hill repeats are a great form of resistance training. They are shown to improve speed and build muscle strength.


10. Lift weight.

Stronger muscles allow for more speed. Simple as that. As running tires your entire body, it’s important to strengthen all muscles. While runners shouldn’t take up bodybuilding, two short strength training sessions per week can go a long way in improving your speed.


11. Pay attention to your toes.

Try dorsiflexion, arching your toes up toward your shins, while running. This way less of your foot hits the ground for a quicker stride turnover.


12. Keep it steady.

A tempo run challenges runners to find a “comfortably hard” pace and hold it for a 20-minute period.


13. Drink coffee.

Coffee is a totally legal performance enhancer that gives you an extra jolt of speed.


14. Mountain climbers.

The combo of moving your feet quickly while assuming a plank position will build your muscles to make you extra fast.


15. Practice yoga.

Add yoga to your training plan. The increased flexibility from runner-specific positions speeds up recovery.


16. Get enough shut-eye.

Sleep is extremely important in general. Studies show well-rested athletes have better reaction times and clock faster finishes.

With all of these tips put to practice, you will be a lean, mean, (and fast!) running machine!